iS Clinical Skincare
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iS Clinical Skincare  Myuz Artistry

Tina Cable, the owner of Myüz Makeup Artistry & Esthetics, is an esthetician with over 10 years of experience. Her passion for the beauty industry started with her love for makeup application and soon evolved to include skin care. She is committed to providing clients with the best quality products and the best possible skin care experience.

 Myüz Artistry

The iS Clinical Skincare – Myuz Artistry line consists of numerous products that are made with botanical ingredients and scientifically tested for efficacy. These skin care items are effective for addressing a range of skin concerns. The botanical-based ingredients used in iS Clinical products are safe and gentle on the skin, and are unlikely to cause adverse reactions.

Myuz Artistry is one of the top esthetics shops in Winnipeg. Tina Cable is an esthetician who offers Biolgique Recherche and IS Clinical products exclusively. She offers virtual skin consultations for a free consultation. You can even schedule an appointment with her over the Internet.

The Myuz Artistry skincare system works by improving skin tone and texture, leaving it younger-looking and smoother. The product line is designed to be used every day or every other day, and provides hydration and light exfoliation.