Benefits of a Vibratory Tumbling Machine
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A vibratory tumbling machine works by rubbing media against the workpieces. Choosing the right media is vital to the successful finishing process. Proper selection can also help you save on expenses. Historically, the first media to be used in industrial processes is ceramic. Ceramic media is dense and will polish and grind workpieces efficiently. It can be mixed with abrasive materials such as zirconium, aluminum oxide, or silica.

How to Achieve High Performance From Your Vibratory Finishing Machine

Vibratory tumbling machines are similar to barrel tumbling machines, but they work in different ways. While barrel tumbling systems are cheaper than vibratory ones, barrel tumbling systems wear out the tumbling media more slowly. Therefore, they are often less efficient than vibratory systems.

Vibration tumbling machine have several benefits. They can be used to finish and deburr small parts. They are suitable for either wet or dry media. The machine can hold up to 400 pounds of charge. It is also suitable for large batches and continuous tumbling. For large batches, you can use a larger version of a vibration tumbling machine.

Another benefit of vibratory tumbling machines is that they are effective for improving the surface of large metal parts. Their small orbit action reduces stress on the components. These machines come in different sizes, from bench-sized to industrial-sized and fully automatic. This machine is also a good choice for batch parts finishing. A vibratory tumbler will also help you get rid of projections from parts.