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These German rifles, made circa 1840, feature 10 mm cal. barrels and finely engraved tangs. The rifles also feature adjustable rear sights and a forward spring lock. These weapons are also distinguished by their finer trigger support and wood cases lined with green fabric.Check here 

What you should know about Gunmaker/gunsmith? 

Buchsenmacher-Berlin is a family-owned company. The company’s headquarters is in Berlin-Spandau. It is operated by the Triebel family, which is also the company’s owner. Buchsenmachers are highly trained and tenacious workers. They specialize in the production of sporting goods and other firearms.

There are more than a million weaponsbearers in Germany. However, only police and limited civilians are allowed to carry them in public. While Katja Triebel did not carry a weapon, her friend Cat Ballou did. However, Triebel does not want her right to carry a firearm. Selbstverteidigung (Self-Defense) is a basic human right.

Buchsenmacher-Berlin offers an extensive range of firearms for sale. Its technical equipment is perfect for the average consumer, and its knowledgeable staff can help find the right weapon for your needs. In addition, it also offers a variety of services for groups and individuals. They also take care of the legal formalities that are associated with waffens.