Carpet Repair Tools
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carpet repair tools

The right carpet repair tools | TMF Store will help you get the job done quickly and easily. They will save you a lot of time and money, allowing you to avoid hiring a professional.

Crain 174 Cookie Cutter Tool

The inexpensive Cookie cutter style tool makes it easy to repair burns, stains, rips and tears in carpeting. Made from polished cast aluminum, the cutter has a spring loaded depth pivot pin to make precise cuts. The cutter has four replaceable blades that cut a 3-1/8″ circle.

Patching Methods

One of the best ways to repair your carpet is with a patch of carpeting that is visually matching in color and pile. This will ensure a seamless appearance with no visible seams.

Essential Carpet Repair Tools: What You Need to Get the Job Done Right

If you cannot locate a new patch of carpet, search around your house for an existing piece of carpeting that can be used as a donor. Donors can be found in corners, inside closets, or under sofas and other furniture.

Use a star wheel carpet seam roller to blend the new and old pieces together. A comb or brush made from natural fibers will also work well to blend the patch into your carpeting.

Once the patches are ready to be installed, apply a strip of carpet tape in each patch area. Place the strips adhesive side up, halfway under each edge. Once the tape is in place, press firmly down to stick. Repeat for all four sides of the hole.