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Get Flower Power

Flower Power is the simplest way to practice true self-care!

Whether you’re in the mood to make someone smile or just looking for a pick-me-up, flowers are the answer. They’re the ultimate mood booster, scientifically proven to improve happiness and overall wellbeing!

Get Flower Power today, 100% risk-free.

The Get Flower Power Power movement began in Berkeley, California in 1965 as a form of non-violent protest against the Vietnam War. It centered around Allen Ginsberg’s essay “How to Make a March/Spectacle” and was based on the premise of loving your neighbor and using peaceful demonstrations to bring about social change.

It didn’t take long for flower power to spread beyond the Berkeley hippie scene and into mainstream American culture. The psychedelic summer of 1967 saw the flower power trend infiltrate fashion, with swirling patterns and loose silhouettes.

The Benefits of Using ‘Get Flower Power’ for Indoor Plants

A study conducted by Rutgers University scientists found that flowers can increase a person’s mood, making them more willing to socialize with others and bring them closer together. They also have been linked to lowered levels of anxiety and stress, and improved creativity and task performance.

What’s more, flowers can help alleviate depression, a common problem for elderly people. Studies show that a bouquet of fresh-cut flowers is just as effective as antidepressants at improving mood, and can even be used to help ward off the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.

The Flower Power bud enhancer is designed with all-natural ingredients to grow more flowers, fruits and vegetables. It also boosts the flavour of plants and makes them more resilient to pests and poor weather conditions.