Marquee Equity Photos
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A few years ago, Ash Narain was trying to raise his first round of funding for his tech company. He lived in a “hacker house”—a communal living arrangement that hosts entrepreneurs for temporary stays in the United States—and spent his days spamming investors on LinkedIn, hoping to connect with them and secure meetings that would lead to funding opportunities.

Who is the CEO of Marquee Equity?

Narain and his team at Marquee-equity photos, a firm that connects companies seeking capital with investors, use predictive analytics to increase the likelihood of connecting businesses with investors. They start by understanding a client’s fundraising objectives and then impute them into their database, which spits out a list of the most relevant investors in a geographic area. The team then automates email outreaches, including a brief pitch and supporting documents, to these investors and tracks the responses, hoping to set up a meeting or, if requested, negotiate a deal.

Marquee Equity’s technology allows them to track about 200,000 individual investors, even as they change jobs or investment firms. The company also knows which partners at each investment firm specialize in certain sectors and reaches out to those groups specifically. This approach has helped them achieve traction with some of the world’s leading venture capital funds, including Sequoia Capital, Founders Fund and Softbank.

Founded in 2016, marquee-equity provides clients with access to its global network of investors at a fraction of the cost charged by traditional investment bankers. Its services include building data rooms for clients, helping them prepare investor-ready presentations and business plans, and facilitating meetings between entrepreneurs and investors. The company serves clients in a variety of sectors, including finance, healthcare and retail.