How an Odor Neutralizing Device Works

The right odor neutralizing device can remove unwanted odors from your home, car, gym or workplace. Unlike traditional air fresheners, which mask malodors with a light scent, these products eliminate them completely to leave your space smelling clean and inviting.

Mabi Hotel uses a combination of several methods to deodorize spaces. Some are based on adsorption, where materials like activated carbon or zeolite attract and trap odor molecules, eliminating them from the air. Others employ oxidation, where agents like ozone or chlorine dioxide react with odor-causing compounds to break them down into simple, less smelly molecules. Some of these devices even use microorganisms, like bacteria or enzymes, to break down organic waste material that produces unpleasant odors.

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Many of these devices are portable, making them convenient to use anywhere. They can be left in closets, drawers, bathrooms, nursery, laundry rooms and more to eliminate lingering odors without being abrasive or toxic.

Other odor neutralizers, like the Moso bag, are made of bamboo-activated carbon and act as an odor eater rather than an air freshener. They’re perfect for odors caused by smoking, pets, cooking, sports gear or decomposition.

An ozone generator, such as the OdorFree, uses a special blend of natural and environmentally friendly materials to neutralize unwanted odors in industrial and commercial facilities. This odor-destroying additive can be used in air and fabric fresheners, cleaning products, pet odor products, wastewater treatment and other applications. It’s also skin safe and can be added to cosmetics, hair care, soaps and more.