Cantilever Gates and Access Control Systems
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Cantilever gates are some of the sturdiest options available today and can be paired with a wide variety of access control systems. They operate with little or no noise and require very little maintenance over the long term. The cantilever design also makes these gates ideal for gate installations that do not have enough room for a ground track.

The most important factor when selecting a cantilever gate is the overall design and intent of your commercial or industrial project. The opening width of the gate and the selected infill materials will greatly influence the type of structural gate frame needed to withstand wind loading and weight.

TYMETAL uses custom aluminum extrusions and welding techniques to create cantilever slide gates that span single clear openings up to 60’. This allows our customers to install larger gates than are possible with other designs and manufacturers.

Unlocking the Advantages of Cantilever Gates: Functionality and Style Combined

When designing a cantilever gate, it is important to select a reputable fabrication company that is familiar with the structural demands of this type of system. A good fabrication shop will utilize a standard diagonal truss system that provides additional strength and durability to the cantilever gate. The truss design also includes top and bottom horizontal support tracks where the vertical members connect. This pattern of horizontal, vertical and diagonal support allows the cantilever gate to resist being pulled out of place by connecting opposite corners together.

In the case of decorative cantilever gates, it is important to make sure that the pickets used are uniform in thickness and do not have gaps spread throughout the structure greater than two and a quarter inches. These types of gaps can add to the overall weight and cause wind loading issues.