What Bande Dessi Has to Offer to My Music Streaming Platform Experience

If you want to get started in the music streaming industry, then maybe looking at what Bande à part Dessi has to offer is worth a look. The music streaming business is becoming exponentially more popular as the options for listening and downloading music have increased exponentially over the last decade. According to calculations, the revenue in the music streaming sector worldwide is expected to reach more than $21,000 million by 2021. This is based on the fact that about 25% of the population uses the Internet to search for music and once they find what they are looking for, they will click the link to the music site in order to access the song or video.

How to Make Money Through Music Streaming Service?

In addition to the revenue, another key element of this music streaming website is its social media marketing. Since the company boasts of developing more than thirty million playlists, it is not at all surprising that they would turn their focus to social sharing. The band does not only allow users to listen to the songs but also share them with their friends via the social sharing option. When using the service, users can add in their own playlists, favorites, and playlists and the site will automatically update them each time they are changed.

Perhaps one of the best features that this music streaming website offers is its widgets. Users can install the Widget on their home’s desktop or mobile browser and the widget displays the latest track played by the number of listeners that the user has selected. The widget enables the user to browse their favorite songs or playlists directly through their browser without having to leave their current session. There are other additional features such as an audio recorder that allows users to listen to their favorite songs and share them with their friends, a photo album that allows users to edit photos, and a calculator that helps users to calculate the value of the chosen currency.