Caster Heavy Duty
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Caster wheels are used to move larger, heavier objects, reducing the physical strain on workers. They also help speed the movement of components within a plant, making the storage and manufacturing process more efficient. Because they move in such a way, they require regular maintenance. If you have heavy machinery or equipment, consider purchasing casters for your needs.

Are bigger casters better?

Fixed or swivel heavy-duty casters are ideal for a wide variety of applications. Heavy-duty casters often have a plate-mounted mechanism that disperses the weight over a larger area. These casters come with safety features, such as a toe guard.

Caster heavy duty are made from metal, and they can support thousands of pounds. Cast iron and steel are popular materials for industrial casters. They also come in different wheel sizes and load ratings. For lighter-duty applications, plastic or rubber wheels are more convenient to roll. Polyurethane wheels won’t damage floors.

Heavy-duty casters are a great choice if your industrial equipment requires high-strength wheels. Some heavy-duty models can handle up to 3,000 pounds per caster. Hamilton Caster’s line of heavy-duty casters also features premium forged steel swivel construction. The forged steel wheel also has a slight crown, which makes it easier to roll and swivel. Some rigid models come with double-welded legs to prevent bending.

Heavy-duty industrial casters with brakes are another popular option. These casters have braking mechanisms that enable them to stop suddenly, enhancing safety for workers. These casters also come with wheel brakes and swivel locks.