IP Reputation API
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Keeping an eye on IP reputation is essential for businesses. This is because of how it affects your email delivery and your website’s overall performance.

A good IP reputation service can detect malicious IP addresses in real time. This provides you with a vantage point to monitor malicious traffic and avoid potential man-in-the-middle attacks. You can use an IP reputation API to help ensure the deliverability of your messages and avoid blacklisting.

An IP reputation API can be used to check any IPv4 or IPv6 address. It is also possible to test the effectiveness of a specific IP blacklist or to monitor the traffic coming from a particular malicious IP address.

An IP reputation service can also help you identify a malicious IP by categorizing the address based on threat factors. This will help you to avoid a potential man-in-the-middle attack and keep your emails safe. You can also block malicious IP addresses in real time.

The Spamhaus Intelligence API is a powerful tool that allows you to perform online risk assessments and incident response in an automated and effective manner. The API is also easy to consume and integrate into your applications.

The Spamhaus Intelligence identifies the most important information about an IP address, in the form of more than 20 fields for every infected IP. The API also accelerates reporting.

The best part is that the API is available as a standalone service or alongside other APIs, including the ThreatPoint IP reputation API. This helps to ensure the data is well-integrated across different applications.