Pink Zebra Review
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Pink Zebra is a scented home fragrance company that uses a unique process to create products that can be customized with scents. Its products include glimmer candles, simmering lights and shades, simmer pots and more.

How much does it cost to start Pink Zebra?

Its flagship product is called Sprinkles, which are small beads of fragrance that consumers can mix and match to suit their own personal scent preferences. The resulting fragrances last longer and smell stronger than other products on the market.

Their fragrances are manufactured in the United States from Soft Soy, a proprietary blend of soy and paraffin waxes. The combination maximizes fragrance, lasts 30% longer than traditional waxes, melts and burns more cleanly and consistently and is responsible, renewable, and sustainable. Go here :

Aside from their main product, the Gaineses have also built a thriving direct sales business with more than 38,000 consultants. Their success, says Waisath, is in part due to their commitment to providing regular training and connections with their consultants.

What sets Pink Zebra apart from other scented companies is that they believe their product needs to be demonstrated and engaged with, and this is where the direct sales approach comes in. The Gaineses’ experience in the direct sales industry gave them a way to get that kind of attention and demonstration that their product needed.

Another factor in the company’s success is their pay for performance model that allows customers to rate their experience, and team members are paid based on that rating. That helps drive engagement, which in turn leads to increased revenue.