Detroit Speakeasy

Detroit speakeasy

Away from the flashy bars and crowded tiki bars that seem to populate every corner of town, Detroit has a few hidden gems to be found. These speakeasys harken back to Detroit’s elegance and era of Prohibition, offering plush, velvet chairs and dim lighting while serving up craft cocktails set ablaze or adorned with unique garnishes. These secret-but-not-so-secret bars are perfect for date nights or just a quick drink with friends.

A few of the city’s best speakeasy can be found in some of its historic decades-old structures. From a hidden basement to a space formerly owned by a notorious Purple Gang crime boss, these places are a must for those looking for an intimate bar experience that feels like it’s from another time and place. Go here Weiss Distilling Co.

Step Back in Time: Unveiling the Secrets of Detroit’s Speakeasy Culture

One of the most historic and elusive speakeasy in Detroit is this ode to Black history and culture. Downstairs from Times Square restaurant Savannah Bleu, this cozy space is dominated by a massive faux willow tree, complete with enchanting fairy lights nestled in its branches. The bar’s menu is an ode to Black history in Michigan, featuring ingredients that are rooted in African and West Indian heritage. These include Jamaican hibiscus flower sorrel used in the Fannie Ward No. 2 cocktail, and a selection of top-shelf spirits that are an ode to the city’s first Black bartender, Tom Bullock.

It’s pretty clear that the Keep is a private club; just walking down the stairs to order your drinks will give you a sense of exclusivity. The only way to get in is to call ahead and make a reservation, or come during the right day and time. But you’ll be glad you did when you see a mix of old school Detroiters and hipsters sipping their drinks in this dimly lit, opulent bar.

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