The Advantages of Unframed Canvas Prints
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In a world where minimalism is all the rage, unframed canvas prints are becoming increasingly popular. Unlike framed wall art that creates a polished and distinguished look, unframed canvas prints leave the image unadorned to showcase its raw texture and depth. This “unfinished” and authentic look is appreciated by many for its minimalist feel and contemporary appeal.

Do canvas prints last long?

Framed and unframed canvas prints both offer unique benefits to different styles of decor, so the choice is ultimately a matter of personal preference and interior design goals. A framed print can complement both modern and classic decor themes, while an unframed canvas print suits a more minimalist style or can be combined with other framed artworks in a gallery wall display.

What are the advantages of unframed canvas prints?

Unframed canvas prints don’t require any extra framing materials, resulting in a cost-effective and eco-friendly option. They can be hung up by simply hammering in a nail, or if they’re rolled and delivered on stretcher bars with an internal frame, you can use wire hooks instead. In both cases, the nails or hooks need to be securely placed into the wall to ensure that the canvas remains secure.

The bare canvas also looks more natural than a framed print, as it leaves the edges of the original work exposed and undisturbed. The raw texture of the canvas can be a wonderful feature of your decor, and it can add depth and interest to the space.