THC Lean and THC Syrup
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THC lean is a cannabis beverage infusion. It contains THC and other cannabinoids. It is an alternative to hash oil and distillate. Hash oil contains fat, which imparts a potent, pungent taste, and distillate is difficult to dose properly. THC lean, on the other hand, is sweet.

What is THC syrup?

Drinking lean is a popular recreational practice that has its roots in the Houston blues scene from the 1960s. It is often mixed with soda or Sprite. When consumed, it creates a strong euphoric effect. Drinkers may experience side effects such as leaning over, speech slurring and body trembling. Drinking lean has also been linked to the untimely deaths of many hip hop artists.

THC syrup is another way to consume marijuana without the risks of an overdose. This alternative method is clean and doesn’t contain opiates. Some people are able to buy commercially made THC syrups, but for those who cannot, they will have to make their own. However, the process of creating THC syrup is not difficult. The right ingredients can make the process simple and effective.

For a simple syrup, you’ll need equal parts of water and sugar. It’s easy to make, and all you need to do is combine them. The water should be brought to a simmer, and the sugar should be added after it has come to a low boil. Stirring constantly will dissolve the sugar. If possible, use a silicone whisk to avoid scratching the bottom of the pot.