The Canadian Down and Feather Company

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The Canadian Down And Feather Company offers a variety of high-quality down and feather products. The company specializes in eco-friendly materials and strives to protect human and animal welfare through its production and supply chain. The company has Carbonzero Certification and has been audited for animal welfare practices throughout the production and supply chain. They also use only ethically-sourced materials, which means that their products are free from harmful substances.

Eco-friendly Materials And Strives To Protect Human And Animal Welfare

Down-filled jackets have increased the price of down around the world, resulting in a higher price. Unfortunately, many suppliers are now passing off chicken or duck feathers as genuine down. When purchasing down products, always check that they are certified by the down association. It is worth paying a little more for a higher-quality down product. You won’t regret it. It will keep you warm and cozy while you sleep.