Soundraw Review
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soundraw, a music-composing AI software, allows users to create and edit original tracks for their multimedia projects with a click of a button. With the ability to customize the length, tempo, instruments, and more, this platform is ideal for creators, video editors, podcasters, streamers, and anyone who works with audio or multimedia. Its easy-to-use interface eliminates the time and hassle of searching for music that is both unique and suitable to their project’s content, mood, and tempo.

This Japan-based startup offers a monthly and annual subscription for its platform, which is available on all major desktop and mobile platforms. Its latest funding round secured 180 million yen from investors like Ceres (TSE:3696), Mint, iSGS Investment Works, and SMBC Venture Capital.

With its proprietary algorithms, Soundraw is able to provide an extensive variety of musical outputs. Users can choose the genre, mood, tempo, and instruments to create tracks that are both unique and suitable to their content and projects.

Soundraw vs. Soundtrack: Understanding the Difference

Additionally, the app supports manual editing to tailor the track according to specific needs. This includes adjusting the song’s length, shortening its prelude, or repositioning the chorus, among others. It also enables users to export the track as a high-quality WAV file.

Moreover, the platform provides true royalty-free music, which means users can use their creations without worrying about copyright issues. They can even monetize their music on YouTube and Facebook with the help of Soundraw’s music licensing agreements. However, users must note that this is a subscription-based service and the company retains ownership of all the music they produce on the platform.